The CSI Literacy blog – Things that matter to teachers

16 truths about teaching as told by Friends

‘Pizza is always a good idea’ isn’t on this list, but it should be. 
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CSI Literacy and self-assessment

Grade 3 teacher Amanda's favorite thing about CSI Literacy is the student assessment writing rubric. Find out why in this video.
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Growth mindset: Putting research into practice

Anyone with a growth mindset knows that learning itself is more important than intelligence. CSI Literacy is growth mindset in action. Here's why.
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22 things every teacher can relate to

Where ever you are in the world, here are 22 things we teachers all know and understand.
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The problem with inquiry learning

Student agency alone isn't enough to drive learning forward – here's why we need an inquiry intervention.
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Audio support and your literacy program

Find out how using audio texts can boost reading comprehension among your students and why it should be in your literacy program.
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How to motivate reluctant readers

Reading for pleasure can make a big difference in a child’s education achievement. Here are some ways to nurture reluctant readers.
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Use the force: Quotes from Star Wars for your classroom

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… teachers were trying to give important lessons to their students. 
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April Fools! 13 great pranks to play on your class

Or your colleagues, for that matter. They've got a sense of humor, right?
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