At CSI Literacy, we love breaking boundaries – that’s why we are so excited about our upcoming fully online literacy series, CSI Private Eye!

CSI Private Eye provides all the elements that today’s 'digital natives' love – rich online interaction, intuitive digital tools, stunning graphics, and fascinating, mysterious true stories.

Using a time travel tool, students can uncover and solve ancient mysteries by gathering evidence, searching with a magnifier and a flashlight and recording their thoughts and findings in a digital notepad. 

Each CSI Private Eye case has direct links to science, history, social sciences and mathematics, and requires over 200 individual digital interactions from students. Throughout each case, students are able to master the use of close-reading strategies, vocabulary acquisition and fluency in reading.

After completing a case, students can receive a full report on their literacy achievements and teachers can see their literacy outcomes.

CSI Private Eye will be available from September 2016.

CSI Private Eye from CSI Literacy on Vimeo.