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Help your students have that 'aha!' moment.

Engaging, effective and easy resources.

You’ve told us that you’ve got readers who are falling behind their peers, readers who can decode well but have little comprehension, readers who are new to the English language, and readers who simply have no interest in books. (And many more types of readers!)

Meeting the diverse needs of readers in a classroom isn’t easy. You need engaging resources that boost reading comprehension and develop vocabulary, writing, oral language and fluency. Resources that work.

We can help.

At CSI Literacy, we’ve made fun, easy-to-use and effective resources that will help you to boost your students' literacy achievement. Our resources–

  • Make reading fun
  • Boost reading comprehension
  • Develop vocabulary and fluency

Here's what teachers have said:

  •  “We've had stunning results using CSI Literacy. The pre– and post–test results have shown amazing shifts.” – Marie
  • “The key to getting students into learning is engagement. If you have that, you’re winning. CSI Literacy has that.” – Justin
  • "Using CSI Literacy, my students have made a staggering leap in their reading ability." – Kyran


CSI Literacy kits

Whole-class explicit teaching of reading strategies with gradual release of responsibility.

CSI Literacy kits are the key to unlocking the potential of your students: short, engaging texts that allow you to explicitly teach reading strategies that your students will be able to use for the rest of their lives.

How does it work? First, you’ll teach a specific reading strategy in a fun, interactive shared reading lesson. Your students will practice this reading strategy in a cooperative learning activity, before reflecting on their learning in an independent writing activity. 

Regardless where their learning is at, with each lesson you’ll make difficult concepts accessible to every student in your class. You'll have them all working together at their year level to get real reading results – a true learning community.

 What's inside the box?

  • 45+ digital, interactive shared reading texts (+ a hardcopy book)
  • Lesson Plan book with lesson outlines, detailed support around teaching reading comprehension strategies, scheduling options, and assessment rubrics for teachers and students
  • Co-operative Learning Activities books
  • Audio support for Co-Operative Learning Activities
  • Reflection Journal (sample) – 40 graphic organizers, individually designed for each text to strengthen and consolidate students' learning

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CSI Chapters

Grow stronger, better readers. 

Finding interesting texts to grow your students’ reading abilities shouldn’t be hard. 

We’ve made it easy with CSI Chapters, a collection of 25 short, original high-interest chapter books. Each book varies in length from 24 to 32 pages, making them perfect for guided reading.

CSI Chapters engage students and offer supports and scaffolds to give students the confidence and skills needed to tackle any text.

How will CSI Chapters help you?

CSI Chapters are high interest books that pick up where the CSI Literacy kits leave off: allowing you to continue to teach strategic reading skills while students learn to read longer texts.

  •       Build reading stamina and word-knowledge
  •       Support complex reading with illustrated, leveled short chapter books
  •       Use small group instruction to boost literacy achievement

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CSI Private Eye: Intrépido

Motivate even your most reluctant of readers. 

Even your most reluctant readers will be totally engrossed in CSI Private Eye, an interactive online adventure series full of reading and writing activities and opportunities. 

Your students will love solving real-life mysteries from around the world – boosting literacy has never been so fun and easy.

How will CSI Private Eye help you?

  • CSI Private Eye blends gaming with pedagogy to boost literacy skills. Teachers who have used it have found it’s been incredibly motivating for all of their students, especially their reluctant readers. Students who have fought reading have been totally engrossed in the adventures.
  • The writing lessons in CSI Private Eye. Have been described as “hidden gold”. Each interactive adventure in the series is complemented by three writing lessons, including full lesson plans and writing templates. Each lesson tackles a specific writing genre, and guides students through 'mini-lessons' in revision and editing.
  • Have Spanish-language learners in your class? Scaffold their learning with Spanish versions of each text. A ‘switch language’ button on the corner of the screen allows the reader to toggle between English and Spanish.

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