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Professional Development & Support

CSI Literacy is an evidence-based resource for comprehension instruction developed from research and education standards.

Whether you’re brand new to CSI Literacy, or an experienced user, we can support you to effectively implement the materials in your class to get great literacy results.

We’d love to discuss your professional development needs around CSI Literacy. We can organise an educational consultant to contact or visit you, or organise a seminar or training session at your school.

Drop us a line.

Comprehension Instruction for Digital Natives
Paper presented at the International Reading Conference, 2011
CSI Literacy Research Evidence Support
Research evidence that supports the Comprehension Strategies Instruction (CSI) resource, 2008
Research Evidence Used to Develop the CSI Resource
CSI Literacy co-author Neale Pitches outlines the research evidence behind CSI
What the Experts Say
How CSI Literacy aligns with the research evidence.
Case Studies
Transforming Students into Stronger Readers and Thinkers
Chaunte Neely, a third-grade teacher at Mooresville Graded School District (SD) in North Carolina, is helping her students transform into 21st-century readers and thinkers.
Curriculum Links
CSI Literacy Alignment with CCSS
How CSI Literacy aligns with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
CSI Training
CSI Training Document
Step-by-step walk-through of the CSI kits
CSI Cheat Sheet
CSI in three easy steps
CSI Digital Texts Troubleshooting
Technical help for issues with UMAJIN texts
New Features of Revised CSI Kits
A look at the changes made to the revised grades 6, 7 and 8 kits
The Amorphous
Poetry text from CSI Literacy Kit: Grade 8


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